5 BEST Healthy Habits

Even small habits over time can make big differences. If you are looking to live a healthier life try implementing these easy healthy habits and strategies to jumpstart your success.


1. Incorporate One 5 minute Body Challenge Daily


Everyone can find five minutes in their day. Taking just a few minutes to challenge yourself will help you develop strength over time. Try things like doing 25 push-ups daily or holding a plank for as long as you can. Want ideas, check out some of the Fit Mom Diet challenges we run often or get a FREE copy of our Love Lunges Challenge Printable.


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2. Add Lemon to your Water 

Drinking water is paramount to good health, but adding some lemon can boost your positive side effects even more. Lemon helps aid in digestion and detoxification.   Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and copper. Fill a large container in the morning and add lemons slices and then drink throughout the day.

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3. Take the Stairs and Walk More

Have you ever driven around the mall several times to find the perfect parking spot? Then you get there and you take the escalator at every chance you get? Change that habit to parking farther away, walking stairs and get your steps in! Walking is an excellent way to burn calories and stretch your body. Consider investing in a fitbit to track the number of steps you walk daily and compare day to day. Set a goal to increase your steps each week.

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4. Always Carry Healthy Snacks

One of the reasons we make choices that we later regret when it comes to food is lack of availability. Never let yourself get over hungry. When you leave the house pack a cooler of snacks that way they are easily accessible. Some good options include nuts and seeds, protein shakes, apples or grapes, Hoola bars, hard boiled eggs or rice cakes. Want the perfect meal management bag? Check out Fitmark Bags.



5. Create a Mantra

A mantra is a word or slogan that you repeat often. Research shows that we manifest what we tell ourselves most often so feeding your mind with healthy empowering statements can make a tremendous difference. Here are some mantras we’ve heard our community members use.


I am beautiful and strong.

I love my body.

I am capable.

I am healthy and full of energy.


Make up something that matters to you and write it down. Paste it on your bathroom mirror or in another prominent place as a reminder. Also, check out our book Mental Fitness 101: Transform Your Body through the Power of Your Mind for many guided exercise in how you can become your best self from the inside out.


All the little things add up to big things in the end. These strategies when incorporated on a regular bases can have lasting results. Don’t wait until New Year’s to turn over a new leaf. Start now with the small stuff and continue to add healthy habits over time to become your best self!