7 Sugar Swaps – Healthy Ways to Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar is EVERYWHERE. It seems like we can’t get away from it… and it taste so good. The US consumes more sugar than anywhere else in the world. Studies say we eat approximately 32 teaspoons a day or 126 grams, which amounts to hundreds of calories in our diet. According to the American Heart Association, men need an average of 36 grams of sugar a day and women 25. If you think about it, one can of coke has 30 grams!!!! EEK! That exceeds our daily limit and we haven’t even consumed anything else yet!

So if you are looking to cut down sugar, which will not only make you feel healthier but also trim your waistline, try these healthy swaps.


White Bread to Ezekiel

Food for Life (www.Foodforlife.com) sprouted whole grain bread has no sugar! That’s right. You can cut several grams down per day if you switch to eating this type of bread when you make sandwiches or toast. It’s delicious and healthy all around.


Soda to Ice Tea

We mentioned already coke has 30 grams per serving, and other sodas typically fall right in line with that. Ice tea has none! This makes it a great choice! If you are looking to sweeten it up a little try adding a few drops of sweet leaf stevia to your drink. We carry it in our purse so it’s always on hand in a pinch.


Cereal to Oatmeal

The vast majority of boxed cereals have a high amount of sugar in them. Next time you are at the store, take a peek at cereals such as Kellogg’s Fruit Loops Marshmellow, Quaker Oats Cap’n Crunch Berry or Post Golden Crisp. Way high in sugar. We skip dessert thinking we are making healthy decisions and sabotage our efforts by eating sugary cereal. Swap cereals such as this for whole oats. One of our favorites is Coachs Oats  Try these oats with scrambled eggs and berries in the morning for a nutritious breakfast.


Bottled Dressing to Olive Oil

Many salad dressings are not only high in sugar but also high in unhealthy calories. Add a healthy ingredient to your salad by using a tablespoon of olive oil instead. Olive oil contains fat, which isn’t necessarily bad. The type of fat matters. Diet’s rich in monounsaturated fats such as the ones found in olive oil, nuts and seeds actually protect from many chronic diseases.


Pre-Packaged Muffins to Make Your Own

Many packaged foods score super high on the sugar content. In general, moving away from eating ready-made processed foods can help you decrease your overall sugar consumption. Try this recipe for a healthy muffin alternative.

Skippy Peanut Butter to Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Butter


When picking peanut butter look for brands that contain just peanuts. Avoid brands that have a lot of added sugar. Start kids early on this as well so their taste buds naturally crave it as they age. If you are making the switch, give yourself time to adjust as well. When we are use to having added sugar in everything it can taste off when we don’t. You’ll quickly adapt though and begin to prefer these items. Try one of our favorites, peanut butter from Santa Cruz Organic.


Added Fruit Yogurt to Greek Yogurt


Yogurts can surprise you. They advertise them as healthy but many have tons of added sugar. Try plain Greek yogurt, which contains considerably less sugar than most other yogurts. We love Chobani nonfat plain Greek yogurt!


10 Day FBP- new

There ya have it. 7 healthy food swaps to reduce sugar. Remember, reading labels is essential. You’ll be surprised at what you learn. Make an effort to read labels before purchasing items. Compare with other like items to make the best choice! If you are looking for a 10 day eating plan that is low in sugar, check out our 10 Day Flay Belly Plan. It will help reeve your metabolism, gain energy, lose the bloat and reduce sugar.