breaking up with the scales - fit mom diet

Yesterday, I was driving down the freeway by myself and realized after 30 minutes, I was driving in silence. No music, no kids, no arguing or screaming, just me, myself and I doing some deep thinking. I was replaying my morning in the kitchen meal prepping and weighing every single morsel of food as it entered the plastic container. I kept thinking to myself, “Scales and tracking macros have taken over my world, in a bad way”.  Now there’s definitely benefits to portion control and stepping on the scale once in a blue moon, but in my world of counting macros, obsessing over food scales, measuring food, weighing myself for “check-ins” and constantly counting numbers I was driving myself crazy seeking perfection.


The day before, I bit the bullet and broke up with my long blonde hair. I always wore it back and had 4 extra inches of split ends that was weighing me down. After chopping my hair, I got thinking it was the perfect opportunity to make changes in other areas of my life. It was time to break up with the scales that have been controlling my life for too long. It may sound silly and so foreign to those who don’t count macros or ever step on the scale, but for those who do, you probably know where I’m coming from. I deleted my fitness pal app, tossed the food scale, tossed the body scale and started fresh this morning with a new approach.


Now if you’re saying what’s counting macros, let me explain. All calories come from macronutrients, which are made up of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Instead of counting calories, the goal is to hit your macro target with the foods of your choice. Weighing your food with a scale is highly recommended for accuracy and best results.


From a young kid I have been body conscious, scale conscious and calorie conscious. Sound familiar? For 8 + years I have weighed EVERY MORSAL OF FOOD, except when I go out to eat, which is not often because of my fear of not being able to count my macros EXACTLY. A typical day looked like the following:

• Wake up, weigh creamer and milk for coffee then track in my fitness pal.

• Weigh protein powder, mixed berries and nut butter that was going in my post workout shake then track in my fitness pal.

• Meal prep and weigh every piece of spinach, crumble of feta, drop of salad dressing and gram of protein then track in my fitness pal.

• Snacks and dinner were the same routine and you guessed it, then track in my fitness pal.


My kids always asked why I weighed my food. Is this the kind of role model I want to be for my kids? Obsessing over a few grams of spinach on my plate or an extra quarter of an ounce of chicken.  As much as I want them to know the importance of portion sizes, I was a tad extreme. I’m done missing out on the memories and feeling disempowered to make choices about food.


Today begins day one of trusting myself, eyeballing portions and letting go of what’s controlled me for so long. I managed to create a healthy breakfast without weighing or tracking a single thing. It sounds so silly and simple, but it’s a step in the right direction. Back to basics and following the mission we created at Fit Mom Diet to empower, educate, support and inspire moms to make positive changes in their lives. You never know the inner struggles someone is going through until they blog about their breakups. Let’s all try harder to support and inspire! Thanks for listening.


XO, Shannon