Buddy Workout

Achieving your fitness goals can be fun. Grabbing a buddy to motivate and support you during a workout is an even better way to stay on track.  Not all workout buddies are created equal. Be picky when selecting a workout buddy, it’s ok! Variety is a key component to achieving results and while having fun. Pair our Buddy Workout with this clean eating plan for best results.


1. Lateral Lunge with Throw

Set Up: Face partner, 3 feet apart. Partner #1 takes one step to his left; partner #2 takes one step to his left so that you’re staggered.

Action: Holding the medicine ball at chest, Partner #1 performs a side lunge to the right, bringing the medicine ball down to right side keeping left leg straight. Partner #2 performs a lateral lunge stepping to the right without the ball. Partners return to start position and Partner #1 throws the medicine ball laterally to Partner #2. Partner #2 catches the ball and immediately steps out with the right foot into a right lateral lunge and repeats for 30 seconds before switching sides.


2. Sit Up Pass

Set Up: Partners lie on back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor with feet intertwined. Partner #1 holds the ball with extended arms overhead.

Action: Both partners contract abs and sit up at the same time, passing the ball from partner #1 to Partner #2 and keeping hands overhead if you have the ball or not. Repeat for 60 seconds.


3. Plank Reach Tap

Set Up: Face head to head with your partner in a high plank position, a foot apart.

Action: Partners will lift left hand and reach opposite shoulder on their partner. Place left hand to start position and quickly repeat on right side. Repeat for 30 seconds.


4. Plank Partner Jump

Set Up:

Partner #1: Stays in plank position with shoulders directly above elbows, core tight, back straight, and hips level.


Partner #2: Stand at partner #1’s feet and jump back and forth over the ankles of partner 1. Repeat for 30 seconds, and then switch roles.


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