Kimatni D. Rawlins founded Fit Fathers to inspire other men to lead the charge in prioritizing healthier eating and exercise to enhance the lives of themselves and their families. Rawlins, who is also a vegan, believes that fitness and nutrition fuel positive health habits for himself and his family and thrives on the motto: “Eat well, stay active and energize your life!”

AGE: 40


OCCUPATION: Automotive & Fitness Media Publisher and Founder, FIT FATHERS.




WHAT IS YOUR CLAIM TO FAME? Transitioning thousands back into positive health and wellness




WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TREAT/ CHEAT MEAL? HOW OFTEN DO YOU HAVE A CHEAT MEAL? I don’t really have a cheat meal because I try to nourish myself with healthful foods with each bite. A vegan oatmeal cookie once in a blue moon.


HOW DO YOU EAT WELL AS A FIT DAD ON THE GO? Actually, I eat healthy on the go just as much as I do home. Since I am a vegan chefs are willing to create pure goodness to showcase their diversity. Before a plane however I pack a brown bag. The Happy Cow app keeps me informed of organic and vegan eateries on my journey.



WHAT FOOD CAN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? I can’t live without Kale, bananas, quinoa, walnuts, chia seeds, and tofu.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLEAN MEAL? My favorite clean meal is a simple green smoothie. Typically I have this at breakfast or lunch.


ARE THERE ANY FOODS THAT YOU AVOID AT ALL COSTS? I avoid dairy, soda, and coffee at all costs.


WHAT’S YOU FAVORITE EXERCISE? I’m a runner by heart. Either long distance or interval sprints are my go-to routine. Albeit, I do diversify with boxing, strength training, swimming and cycling.


HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED? Motivation is easy for me. Especially since I played D-1 Football at Georgia Tech. I’m now programmed to include daily exercise as a lifestyle requirement, not an elective.


IF YOU COULD ONLY OFFER ONE TIP TO A FATHER TRYING TO GET BACK INTO SHAPE WHAT WOULD IT BE? My tip to any Fit Father would be to schedule workouts as if they are meetings, and to stay the course until the task is completed.IMG_1882


WHEN YOU FEEL UNMOTIVATED WHAT DO YOU DO? The rare chance I do feel unmotivated I will call another Fit Father and ask if he wants to hit the gym or go for a run. Hopefully he says yes!


HOW HAS TRANSFORMING YOURSELF PHYSICALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE? Well, after college I started partying and drinking pretty hard. Life on the road was always fabulous. Then I gained 50 pounds. So it was time to begin anew. Now, I am back to some of my physical capabilities from Georgia Tech and more since I run marathons and half marathons. This added energy keeps my mind sharp and my body active, so I am able to accomplish more tasks in a day.


IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? DO YOU HAVE ANY WORDS OF WISDOM OR ADVICE, POSSIBLY SOMETHING THAT HELPED YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE NOW? Listen up. I used to work hard and party harder. Now I work hard and workout harder while operating alcohol-free, meat-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free! I’m 40 years of age and can still bench my college max of 405 pounds when I train for a month, run marathons and sprint exceedingly around tracks. Alkalinity is the goal for disease prevention, purity is the formula for life extension, and daily fitness is key for overcoming physical attrition! Eat clean, drink clean and keep moving!


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