janet swim


Do you exercise differently as you age?


Personally I will say yes. I like to train or get my workout done early in the morning. There are days I get out of bed and I am a little stiff and sore. So the best thing for me is to start with some stretching and foam rolling. Honestly I never do any workouts without stretching and foam rolling first. I have noticed as I age my joints and muscles just don’t perform the same or recover the same for that matter.


Now what you want to do is entirely up to you for the level of fitness you want to achieve. For those of you that do nothing just start with walking. Walking is better than sitting on the couch (which also makes you want to snack). If you like to lift weights, head to the gym and get some weight training in. If you are a runner, find a beautiful place to run and enjoy the freedom and beauty around you (it is everywhere from hills to lakes to city sites). And if you are like me who is very passionate about training, do some HIIT (high intensity interval training). This enables me to lift weights, sprint, do body weight work, all at once.


But I will say my all time favorite exercise and probably one of the best exercises as we age is Swimming!! Now as long as can remember I have been swimming. My dad always used to call me his “little muskrat”. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a compliment but it’s kind of strange considering he trapped them and they are not the most attractive animals. I will say I was one of the youngest competitive swimmers back in the day and my parents were very supportive. He would tell stories of my swimming days even in my 40’s. He was my biggest fan I guess.


Not only is swimming an excellent all over body exercise; it is also one of the easiest exercises on your joints. If anyone suffers from arthritis, swimming helps improve the affected joints and help decrease the pain. Now that’s just a physical benefit from swimming. It also gives you an overall mental boost, a sort of high if you will.


Recently I was able to get back into the water and it was just like riding a bike. The feeling of my body on the water and the motion and the speed at which I was able to move made me feel invigorated. I had forgotten the rush you feel when it is just you and the water. I was able to focus on my breathing and strokes and truly enjoy the experience. For me swimming is like a gift.


Swimming is not for everyone, but find something that works for you and enjoy it.


Health and Happiness! Janet