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Our FMD Moms are amazing women around the country who are on a mission to be positive role models and empower themselves and others to live active and healthy lives.  Join the community today and you’ll have exclusive opportunities to work with us, which include.


  • The chance to appear in print in our published work.  See our testimonial section of our site for examples of FMD Moms in print.


  • We love to bring people with us!  As a FMD Mom you’ll have opportunities to join us on television and radio stations when we have scheduled appearances and interviews.


  • Win prizes, giveaways and free products.  Companies often ask us to have people review products and give their opinion.  Plus, we get lots of free stuff!  By joining we can share the wealth with you.

Once you join you will be added to our list as an FMD Mom.  You’ll receive a monthly email from us with opportunities for which you can apply or express interest.  We’ll also do periodic prize giveaways.  Upon receiving your enrollment we will send you an intake form with a few questions about your interests and contact information.  This will allow us to keep you on file so if we see a fit, even if you haven’t applied for something, we can reach out to you to see if you are interested.

Email us today for more information: Coach@FitMomDiet.com