“I truly appreciate the great opportunities and incredible support from being involved with the FMD Mom Community. Kim and Shannon’s authenticity, positive messages and motivating spirit have helped me believe in my own strengths as a mom and healthy role model to others. I can’t thank Kim and Shannon enough for their encouragement and for the opportunity to share my story. Thank you for all you do – I am proud to be a part of such an inspiring team of people.” – Tracy Nadler

“Being a FMD Mom has far exceeded my expectations. I own a super greens drink company, Basic Greens™  with my husband and I have to say some of our most valuable business connections have come out of the networking opportunities from the Fit Mom Diet community along with tremendous support of Kim and Shannon. As big as they are, they know their members and in every way are always looking to help each women reach their goals. Whether you’re a full time mom looking to make like minded  friends and not feel so alone or a woman trying to make it in the health and fitness industry these ladies have connections, know their stuff and have been through it all.

Kim and Shannon put their members needs first. They live by the principal “Help others achieve their goals and in doing so yours will be fulfilled.” They are authentic, supportive, and giving and they have created an empowering community where moms feel comfortable to let down their guard and grow.  Their knowledge and coaching is incredibly helpful as is the support I’ve received from being a part of this amazing community.” – Joyce Emily





“As a FMD Mom, I am proud to help in their mission to empower moms to live active, healthy, mindful lives. Kim and Shannon lead by example in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They keep it real and tackle issues that every mom deals with at some point in their lives. This community of women are positively infectious and I am blessed to be a part of such a genuine group. Thank you FMD!” – Joni Johnston


“Focusing on the success of the women around them is what makes Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty, owners of Fit Mom Diet, stand out above others in the health and fitness world. They want to see women support each other to be successful, whether that is with their health, physical fitness, their mental health and/or within their own career. As an FMD Mom, I had the opportunity to do a fitness photo shoot for Fit Mom Diet with my daughter. I will never forget how much fun we had together that day. I have learned so much from them and I am blessed to have them in my life.” -Kari Burghardt, Shine Within Nutrition



“Kim and Shannon, Founders of Fit Mom Diet are quite the dynamic duo. They have inspired me to continue chasing my passion of modeling, being a fit mom, taking chances and empowering others. The FMD Mom Community is like extended family to me. I am honored to work with such passionate individuals.” – Rene Gerbi


“There is nothing better then connecting with like minded people when it comes to setting new goals especially when it comes to health and fitness. I became an ambassador with Fit Mom Diet last year and was very inspired by the team work and support they have for their community and all the mom’s looking to improve their health. I was also given the opportunity to be the fitness model for one of their articles! It was a great experience and I was grateful to have been chosen to represent them! My journey in the fitness industry has embellished my life beyond expectation. I am so thankful for all the inspirational role models and leaders who have empowered me to keep driving in a forward direction and to never give up on my goals!”  – Nicole Matthews

“Working with Kim and Shannon was a great experience. My daughter loved being photographed and the FMD Mom Team rocked the shoot. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. I was searching for the perfect community of moms and women who are real, honest and open about health, fitness and the daily struggles. The FMD Mom Community feels like family and I love being a part of their community.” – Misty Cain


“The FMD MOM Community has been a key element in my fitness & modeling career. I am so grateful to have Kim and Shannon share their experience and knowledge of the industry. Through the Ambassador program, I have not only gained the support of Kim and Shannon in pursing my dreams, but I have also connected with an amazing group of like minded women. I highly recommend the FMD Ambassador program to anyone aspiring to take their fitness and modeling career to the next level.” – Sarah Stover

“Being a part of the FMD Mom community, participating in the FMD Carmel Retreat and 10 Day Flat Belly Plan has given me the motivation, tools and inspiration to keep moving forward to reach my fitness goals. I have met likeminded women and built authentic relationships. In the FMD Mom Community we inspire and support each other across the miles or the next neighborhood over. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Kim and Shannon offer tools that WORK and provide genuine support. The community of mom’s they have brought together in the FMD Mom Community is rich with diversity and brimming with supportive women who get you, hear you and will have your back. I feel fortunate to be a part of this amazing community. I’m so thankful to Kim and Shannon for being themselves and sharing their passions openly and honestly.”

– Renee Ethier

“Finding Fit Mom Diet has been one of the best things I have done for my fitness journey. Shannon and Kim have inspired me to stay the course by helping, leading and even pulling me along the way. They have encouraged me when the road seemed impossible and continue to do so first hand as my journey continues. Kim and Shannon have laid the groundwork and created a map for all of you. All you need to do is follow it. Thank you to these ladies for all they do for me and so many other women.” – Tawnya Goley