Spend a few days and write down everything you eat. Once you complete that take a look back and ask yourself did I make the very best choice. Why are we asking you to do that? Because here’s what we find when working with women. Many times they are not make average or poor food choices because they want a splurge meal or they are really craving something. It’s because they don’t have time for anything else. We have all been stuck somewhere or even at home and trying to get out the door and realized we are hungry!!!! We reach for the easiest thing. This is when choices like granola bars, cereal, and crackers come into play. Maybe we even grab a lean cuisine but know there are better options available.



Taking time to food prep one or two days a week can make a huge difference in your life. Here’s what our food prep looked like today. In the picture you will see a variety of healthy meals and snacks. Cooking a big pot of quinoa or rice will last throughout the week and is easy to pair with anything. We also grill or bake meats such as chicken, salmon, halibut, and lean steak. We prepare tuna in advance and add mustard to it for flavor. It’s delicious on a salad, eaten with celery or even plain.


Hard boiled eggs are a perfect choice for a snack and they are easy to prepare. For added convenience one they are boiled and cooled peel them and bag them individually so they are an easy grab-and-go item.



Pre-cutting veggies and fruit for the week ensures you will eat enough! Studies show most American only eat one-third of the recommended serving of produce. Fresh produce provides tons of vitamins and minerals the body needs. An added perk many experience when they increase their vegetable and fruit intake is shinier and thicker hair, better skin and stronger nails. Plus they will fill you up and many offer much needed fiber such as raspberries, apples, broccoli and brussel sprouts.


Also, pre-bag nuts into individual servings. This makes them easy to take with you and, if you are anything like us, helps you make sure you don’t eat too many. (Cashews, yummmm!)


Here’s is a list of some of our favorite prepared items for the week:

• Brown rice or quinoa, stir fried veggies in non-stick cooking spray and chicken or extra lean ground turkey

• Leafy green salad with tuna, nuts and olive oil for dressing

• Washed and cut up bags of celery and carrots

• Pre-bagged nuts such as cashews and walnuts

• Light tuna in water mixed with mustard

• Bagged quick cook oats with protein powder mixed together

IsaLean Meal Replacement

• Asparagus or green beans with chicken (Portion and package chicken as shown in image to the right)

• Hard boiled eggs or pre-scrambled eggs

• Whole wheat, sweet potato or coconut flour pancakes.


Try food prepping this week and see how it changes your diet. The body easily adapts to new patterns so after food prepping for 3-4 weeks your body will begin to crave those items and you will have less urges to pick up unhealthy snacks or eat food that offers less nutritional value.


Another great idea is to plan meals for the week for your family. Crock pot meals are excellent choices. Try our crock pot Salsa Chicken. Delicious in salads, rice bowls, vegetables, whole wheat tortillas or by the spoonful. Place 4 frozen of fresh chicken breasts and your favorite jar of salsa in a crock pot on low for 4-5 hours. Shred with 2 forks and enjoy!



Looking for a 7 day suggested meal plan, shopping list and a 90 day fitness plan? Check out our Fit Mom Kit!