AGE: 34




HOMETOWN: Lawrenceville, GA (now Monroe, GA)


WHAT IS YOUR CLAIM TO FAME? Addison’s Wonderland Blog (formerly Addison’s Wonderland Children’s Bedding where I appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank)


HOW MANY CHILDREN? 2 (Addison- 9 & Winter- 3)

Weight Loss Journey 1


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TREAT/ CHEAT MEAL? Besides anything chocolate, I would say Mexican is my biggest splurge meal on the weekends. I can’t resist chips and cheese dip for anything. Oh and then we pass Bruster’s on the way home so that’s always our little late night pit stop.


HOW OFTEN DO YOU HAVE A CHEAT MEAL? Now that I’ve lost the weight, I do at least two cheat meals a week. Probably one too many but we enjoy our weekends!


HOW DO YOU EAT WELL AS A MOM ON THE GO? I think the key is in not buying junk food. If all you have are fruits, veggies and nuts, that is all you can grab on the go! I also do a lot of quick shakes when I am super busy.


brittanyhayes-3WHAT FOOD CAN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? Chocolate is definitely my weak spot. Well to be completely honest, anything with sugar. Which is exactly why I cannot keep junk food at home. Sometimes I will literally try and hunt down anything we have with sugar.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLEAN MEAL? Anything with avocados. From avocado toast to salads, I add it to everything!


ARE THERE ANY FOODS THAT YOU AVOID AT ALL COSTS? Since having my gall bladder removed in 2012, I avoid anything fried or greasy. It obviously isn’t healthy but it also doesn’t sit well with me at all anymore.


WHAT’S YOU FAVORITE EXERCISE? Hiking! I love being outside and exploring nature. My girls love it too!


HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED? Besides obviously wanting to be a healthy mom to my girls, the scale keeps me motivated. Although health isn’t a number, I remember how hard it was to get the weight off so when I see the scale start to soar, I jump back into weight loss mode.


IF YOU COULD ONLY OFFER ONE TIP TO A MOM TRYING TO GET BACK INTO SHAPE WHAT WOULD IT BE? Start small. Losing weight and getting in shape doesn’t start with intense meal planning and two hour long work-outs in the gym. It can literally start with cleaning out your pantry and taking a walk with your kids.


WHEN YOU FEEL UNMOTIVATED WHAT DO YOU DO? I screenshot goal images to look back at when I am feeling blah. Nothing crazy like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models or anything. Just realistic body goals that seem possible for someone like me.


HOW HAS TRANSFORMING YOURSELF PHYSICALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE? I think it has transformed me completely. From being happier to feeling better to letting confidence push me farther in my career goals, I think it can make the world of difference!


DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE RECIPE TO SHARE? Honestly, I can design and decorate all day long but cooking is not my thing. We are usually pretty boring and go with a basic meat and veggies for dinner.


Weight Loss Journey 3

IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? I think it’s just important for women to know that it isn’t “become a bikini model” or nothing. You can be “thin-ish” and do reasonable exercising and still feel so much better about yourself. I am so intimidated by the gym and super fit moms that I found myself choosing to do nothing at all. But there’s definitely a wonderful middle ground.


DO YOU HAVE ANY WORDS OF WISDOM OR ADVICE, POSSIBLY SOMETHING THAT HELPED YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE NOW?  My weight loss journey started with understanding how and why I gained weight. Once I understood my weaknesses (stress, anxiety and easily accessible snacks) I started tackling those issues. I know that I have zero will power so completely cleaning out our pantry and refrigerator and eliminating junk food was key for me in starting my journey. I think if you lose the weight but don’t understand the “why”, it’s so much easier to fall back into bad habits.


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