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We want to share our Must Haves to Get Fit & Healthy. There is TONS of nutrition and fitness information out there. Tons! There are how to videos and recipes and diet plans and everything you need to make it work? Have you tried some of these without success? If so and you haven’t had success here’s something that might be holding you back? It’s a positive mindset. You see, your mind hears everything you tell it. It’s listening to the messages you send and responding accordingly. You are sending energy out with your thoughts and words. Imagine if it were proven one day that EVERYTHING you think and say would become your reality. What would your world look like? Are you Mentally Fit?

Do you say things like…

  • I hate my body
  • I can’t work out because I am too tired
  • I always fail when I start a new eating plan
  • I don’t have the proper genetics to be successful
  • I don’t have the resources to put toward it
  • I’m too busy
  • I’m not disciplined enough


  • I know that girl can do it but she’s different than meShe’s not any different than you though and if you keep saying those things you have already set in motion an undesired outcome. You probably won’t succeed. You should just quit because you are right… remember. Whatever you say becomes your reality!!!!


How we can we take those tools and begin to change the way we talk about ourselves?

Live with intention

We need to begin feeding our mind with positivity…

  • I am beautiful!
  • I got this. I know it will be hard but I am up for the challenge I WILL be doing it.
  • If I want it and truly believe I can do it the resources will come to me to pave the way.
  • I am disciplined and worth it.
  • I love my body exactly how it is!

Don’t just say these things to yourself. Embed them into your mind. Write post it notes around as reminders. Send yourself preprogramed messages on your phone. Spend some quiet time daily repeating these mantras to yourself. Focus on your desired outcome. The more focus you put mentally toward your goals the more you will begin to see them unfold. While you are doing this take the time to learn about your health, nutrition and fitness. Read articles and follow people that educate you on the how-to’s but DON’T FORGET the mindful piece of success. It’s tremendously helpful to surround yourself with people that lift you up in this type of thinking. They are called empowering women. They are women that not only believe they can do it… they say if I can then so can you. Find a community with which to affiliate yourself that radiates realness, positivity and support. This will make all the difference.

For those searching for a community with other moms that provide support and inspiration, check our FMD Mom Community. We believe in helping educate moms and helping them make connections with others who will support them on their journey. Our platform provides all the tools you need to begin to be amazing, feel healthy, happy and fit. We hope you join us our your journey and remember… think it, say it, allow it be true! It’s the power of a positive mindset.