Project Description

Nature’s bakery has served as one of Fit Mom Diet’s featured brands since the inception of the company.  A family favorite, especially for kids, Nature’s Bakery sells a healthy fig bar.  The company’s exponential growth has landed them in locations around the world and Kim and Shannon have been proud to serve as ambassadors, spokes women and writers for the brand. 

In addition to offering healthy living and nutrition content for the company’s website, Kim and Shannon appeared on behalf of Nature’s Bakery and Fit Mom Diet at the natural Products Expo in Los Angeles.  They talked with visitors and potential buyers about the product and their experiences with it.  Nature’s bakery has been a strong supporter of Fit Mom Diet and you can often see Kim and Shannon with fig bars whenever the present or make appearances.  Finally, during Kim and Shannon’s appearances on Fox’s nationally syndicated television show Baseball Player University Kim and Shannon featured Nature’s Bakery fig bars on one of their episodes.

Read one of Fit Mom Diet’s featured blog on the Nature’s Bakery website here

Getting pic for you in google drives of us at Nat products expo