Have you ever heard the old additive you are what you eat. Well, we not only believe that is true but equally important we also believe you are what you read, watch and think.

In our society we are pretty much bombarded with negative information. There are warnings, and bad news, and fear all around us. We are also marketed to constantly, which is not necessarily a bad thing provided we try to limit that to things we actually think will grow and improve us. Marketing that tells us that we are not good enough is something we want to avoid.

The easiest way to get a handle on this is take inventory of what you have surrounded yourself with over the course of the last month. Ask yourself these questions.

What material have I read lately?

Have you spent time reading books or magazines that help you grow, teach you strategies for improving yourself or fill your mind with positivity? Do you ever read empowering quotes, affirmations or relatable stories? Do you read excerpts about people who have overcome challenging situations or inspired others? Do you read literature from experts in fields you want to excel in? All of these things will help you improve your life, stay focused and reach your goals.

 What have I watched?

Turn on any news station and chances are you are suddenly stricken with fear that something awful is about to happen. Our psyche feeds of off fear and television can capitalize on that and suck us in. It’s not to say that TV is always bad. However, we can be strategic about how we use it. Limit the amount of news you watch and if you must watch take just a few minutes so you know what is happening in the world. Don’t dedicate hours on end to listening to the same thing that is grounded in tragedy. Only turn the TV on when you are actively watching it. Consider fast forwarding through commercials. Pick movies that lift you up and have a positive spin. Watch documentaries and TED talks to inspire your creativity.


What have I thought?

Spend one day monitoring all the thoughts that go through you mind. When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you think? Are you strategic in how you start your day? What runs through your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror when you get ready? Do you say kind words to yourself in your mind or are you guilty or criticizing yourself or feeling not good enough? What do you think about other people? Do you see the positive? Do you feel angered easily with others? Do you say or think negative things about people? One of the best ways to improve our lives is to begin with ourselves and learn to consistently feed ourselves empowering messages. When we get good at that we tend to be more accepting of others. We see the best in them because we see the best in ourselves. Take time to examine what you think in a day. Write it down. Set a goal the next day to improve your thoughts. Consider quiet time in reflection or meditation to help this process. You will be amazed at the results.


At Fit Mom Diet we are dedicated to encouraging women to see the best in themselves and others. As such as created our new line of Love Your Body apparel. We wear our tanks and sweatshirts regularly to remind us to say positive things about ourselves, our bodies and others. Thanks for being part of our community.


Photo Credit: Stephanie Heymann